Using anonymous "survey keys" on stickers affixed to printed bulletins distributed at church services, church leaders (both lay and clergy) can easily gather feedback from members on our user-friendly web survey platform.


Choose from dozens of professionally-written questionnaire items in our "Master Collection" to build a custom questionnaire addressing your church's needs.  Compare your results with the aggregated answers from all other participating churches, or field multiple surveys and look at trends over time.

It is ESSENTIAL to conduct employee satisfaction or leadership assessment surveys anonymously, or the responses can't be relied upon.  This self-service platform (similar to Church Signals) allows employees to respond to web surveys using anonymous keys, so they can be candid without fear of disclosure or retribution from their bosses.


This tool offers the same Ph.D.-built Master Collection of employee-related survey items and snapshot, trend and comparative results displayed on the customer's self-service web dashboard.

This  platform gathers anonymous feedback from college students - ideal for gauging students' risky behaviors, experience with sexual violence and other sensitive topics.  The Everett Group research team works with institutional clients to design, field, analyze and report out custom surveys.


Clients may log into their own dashboards to see up-to-the-moment survey results at any time, but the real pay-off comes with the comprehensive, custom project report prepared and delivered by the Everett Group's very senior researchers.


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