The AnsAnon® Concept:
Anonymous responses are more trustworthy!

Most web-based survey tools take the convenient route and require users to log into their surveys either with unique identifiers (such as member or student numbers) or by clicking on links in emailed invitation messages.  Either way, the survey respondent KNOWS the researchers CAN identify them and match their name with their answers.  Most reputable researchers promise their respondents that they will not use that information to identify them, but it still requires the respondents to TRUST the researchers to honor their promise.

And our research with respondents has shown many survey-takers answer a questionnaire more cautiously if they can be identified — EVEN IF they’re promised complete confidentiality.  It’s an especially serious concern for younger people, such as college students or military members (two groups with whom we have conducted hundreds of surveys).


Sometimes you just don't want anyone to know it's you...

We believe all surveys can gather more candid responses if participant anonymity is assured.  But it’s ESSENTIAL to guarantee anonymity (and make it clearly obvious to respondents) if your survey deals with sensitive topics — or sensitive situations, such as leader or supervisor evaluations and feedback.  Any time you can put yourself in the respondent’s shoes and you’d have even slight concern about sharing honest feedback, you’re dealing with a situation AnsAnon surveys have been created to address.

Providing anonymous survey participation to respondents takes more effort than sending blast emails containing identifiable user links to the questionnaire, but it’s well worth it in terms of respondent comfort and response quality and validity.  Every AnsAnon measurement product we offer embodies this approach at its core — Anonymous Feedback, Trustworthy Results.

AnsAnon® Products Available Now or Soon

Custom-designed and performed surveys of stakeholder groups at institutions of higher education.

We work with the client through every step of the process.

Self-serve web measurement of church members and attendees.
Great for one-shot surveys and for creating research panels to answer multiple surveys across time.


Self-serve web measurement of employee and staff opinions, feelings and experiences.
If you want the unvarnished truth about your people's engagement with the workplace, this is for you.


"Keyless" web measurement of any gathered group, using their own devices to access questionnaire.
Perfect for use in classrooms, conference sessions, audiences at concerts and shows, and many other applications.


Self-serve, tablet-based measurement of veterinary customer feedback, on-site at time of service delivery.
Tablets may be kept in exam rooms or mounted at check-out counter for customers' easy use.


Self-serve, tablet-based measurement of patient experience and satisfaction, on-site at time of service delivery.
Gather evals on individual clinic staff and health care providers, if desired, using thumbnail photos and work schedules.

Designed by deeply experienced audience researchers

The AnsAnon suite of research tools has been developed by the survey research experts at The Everett Group.  Our goal is to hit the sweet spot between completely customized research projects that can cost tens of thousands of dollars and completely on-your-own survey tools that require you to write your own questionnaire items — or borrow from items other “amateurs” have written and placed in the item bank.

The Everett Group’s senior staff write all the questions used in the AnsAnon survey tool collection.  For the self-service products, you choose the questions you wish to include on your surveys from a large, professionally developed set of items in the “master collection.”  You drag-and-drop the items you desire onto your own questionnaire, knowing they’ve been created by Ph.D.-level survey experts with 30+ years of experience.

BONUS – For the self-service AnsAnon tools (with Master Collections), you’ll be able to compare your survey responses with the aggregated results from all other product subscribers using the same questions on their surveys.  You can narrow down these comparative results by client category, to get better value from the comparisons.  However, the aggregated comparative results are never identified by customer, so your own organization’s survey results are always exclusively yours to use and share (if you wish).

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